Hurriyet-Daily-NewsEconomic-Review 13.09.2011 99

    There are about 100 Turkish executives in international companies operating in Egypt, most of whom with experience managing a fin11 in crises. 'We have given priority to advertisement during the uprising. W e are cautious against any possible erisis in the coming days," Fuad Köroğlu, director of the Nile Kempinski Hotel, who managed to maintain the occupation rate at a reasonable level during the uprising, told the Anatolia news ageney ina recent interview. "Turkish executives can react realistically and emotionally at the same time. I experienced economic erises both in Turkey and Dubai. I benefitted from my experiences during the uprising in Egypt," he added. Turkish executives are able to tınderstand the region because of their cultural familiarity, said Serkan Solmazer, director of Danone for Egypt and Lebanon.

    Business circles and govemınent representatives from Turkey and Egypt will meet for the first time after Egypt's revolution during the Turkish priıne minister's scheduled visit to the country, the head of Turkish- Egyptian Business Council, Zuhal Mansfield, said Monday. "Egypt has always been important forTurkish private sector," Mansfield said. She defined Egypt with a door opening to the Arab region's 300 million people and to Africa's 900 million people. Prim e Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan left on Monday for Cairo, the first stop of his four-day tour of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya from Sept. 12 to 15. The Turkish-Egypti.an trade volume has reached $3.7 bi.lli.on, and 250 Turkish firms have $1.5 billion worth of invesh11ents in Egypt.